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"Sultry Swing" Dance Studio is located in the HEART of Beautiful West Palm Beach,
Florida!  We are just 2.5 miles East of the Turnpike (Okeechobee Blvd exit) and just
half a mile West of I-95 (Palm Beach Lakes Blvd exit).  We are located on the
southeastern side of Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in the "Professional Plaza", turn in at

It is a 2500 sq. ft. studio with an 1800
sq. ft. dance floor. Come fall in love.
2250 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd, Suite 112
West Palm Beach, FL  33409
(561) 676-9989
John Harris is a professional dance instructor,
competitor, and judge.  He has multiple titles at
national competitions (including West Coast
Swing, Country, Salsa, and Hustle).  He has over
20+ years dancing and over 10+ years of
experience teaching
West Coast Swing,
Ballroom, Country, Latin, Salsa, & Hustle.
Private lessons are the best and fastest way to
becoming the dancer you always wanted to become.

If your dancing isn't becoming to you, you should be coming to us!
Contact us and set-up your a private lesson today - (561) 676-9989.
Our rates are for new and existing students!  Privates are 55 minutes each!

Individual Privates are regularly $75 each!
4 privates for $280 / 10 privates for $650
Lead/Follow - Videos are ordered from newest to oldest!
Welcome to South Florida's
HOME for Dancing!

Sultry Swing has been Palm Beach County's HOME for
dance for 7 years.  We provide a fun, friendly atmosphere
for learning to dance!  We teach Ballroom, Latin, Swing,
Salsa, Argentine Tango, and Country, but specialize
in West Coast Swing!  Our dance studio is owned and
operated by John Harris and is filled with amazing
students that share our love of dancing.  The passion
we have for dance is unmistakable!  Come
and be a part of our dance family!

No Partner Needed / Pay as You Go / Open to Public
Dance Schedule
Open to the Public - Drop-ins Welcome - No Partner Needed!
Let me give you some backdrop to my (John Harris) dance story. When I was 15,
my Dad left my Mother. For about a year my Mom was a complete mess until she
ran into a dance studio named "Dance Connection". It was not a place filled with
the prettiest or wealthiest of people, it was just filled with some of the nicest, caring
people you ever will meet. I will tell you that the family my Mother created with the
members of that studio saved her from her misery. They danced together, they
would get together on holidays and celebrate together, they would even get together
to help move each other, they were a dance family.

Fast forward several years and I was turning 20. I was a shy kid with very little
self-confidence when it came to meeting new people or having conversations with
groups of people (some of that had to do with the awkwardness of going though
high-school at 6'4" and rail thin and part of it had to do with the fact that I'm half
deaf). My Mother, looking for a second miracle, pushed me into going to "Dance
Connection" (I was more than a bit unwilling, as I was told frequently by people
that I lacked  talent in dance) with the hope that I would be able to make some new
friends. Over the next 6 months, I spent every single night dancing there, followed
by a trip after class to a local country dance bar for social dancing afterwards. Not
only did I meet some awesome individuals and find plenty of self-confidence; I also
became quite the dancer. I had found a dance family of my own. We would dance
together, eat together, sometimes we'd go on vacations together, it was everything I
needed, it was my miracle.

Now fast forward 22 years, I have my own dance studio (for 7+ years now) and I
am hopeful that I can be half as successful in creating an atmosphere that will allow
each of you to find your dance family as Grant Austin's Dance Connection down in
Fort Lauderdale did for me and my Mom. With that in mind, we have created a
schedule of dance events that allow each of you to learn to dance, to make new
friends, and become part of a community, part of our dance family.
April 23rd - West Coast Swing and Country Dance Party
7pm to 7:30pm - Two-step Workshop with John (Pre-Intermediate)
7:30pm to 8pm - West Coast Swing Workshop with John (Pre-Intermediate)
8pm to 11pm - West Coast Swing and Country Dance Party!
$15 per person!

April 30th - No Dance Party

May 7th, Salsa Social
8:30pm to 4am - Salsa Social.  Includes workshop and dance performances!
$12 per person!

May 14th - West Coast Swing Dance Party

May 21st - Country Dance Party

May 28th - No Dance
May 6th - Tango Milonga
8pm to 9pm - Argentine Tango Workshop with Armando and Nuria
9pm to 1am - Milonga deejayed by Armando
$20 for workshop and dance, $15 for just dance

No Dance May 13th!

May 20th - Bachata, Zouk,
Salsa, and Kizomba Social
8:30pm till after 2am.  Workshop and Performance.  $12 cover!

No Dance on May 27th!
Ballroom Dance Party (Weekly)
No Dance on Sunday, May 8th (Mother's Day)
6:30pm to 7pm - Dance Class (All Levels Welcome)
7pm till 10pm - Ballroom and Latin Dance Party (Yes, We have dance hosts)!
Just $15 per person ($25 per couple)!
West Coast Swing & Country Dance (Weekly)
7pm to 8:20pm - Intermediate West Coast Swing Class
8:20pm to 10pm - Best in West Coast Swing (50%) and Country (50%).  Country
includes Waltz, Cha-Cha, East Coast Swing, Two-Step, and Nightclub 2-step!
$15 cover the night ($10 cover if you come after 8:20pm)!
Group Classes/Workshops
Line-Dancing with Dawn - $8 for classes, $10 for the night!  
7pm to 9pm - Line Dance Classes, 9pm to 10pm - Social
Dance Parties
Saturday & Sunday, April 23rd and 24th
Tango Bronze DVIDA Syllabus Intensive
2-day Intensive, 1:30pm to 4:30pm both Saturday and Sunday
* Includes Admission to Sundays Ballroom Dance to Practice
$80 for session ($70 if bought by April 16th)
Taught by Studio Owner, John Harris

3 Week Sessions (May 7th, 14th, and 21st)
Each Session is 3 weeks of one of the below classes and is
$50 pre-pay ($60 on day of) or drop-in for a class for $25.
1pm to 2:50pm - Cha-Cha (American), Hot Moves with Technique (Beg/Int)
3pm to 4:50pm - Waltz (American), Cool Moves with Technique (Beg/Int)
5pm to 6:50pm - Building Your West Coast Swing Foundation (Beginner)

One-Day Intensives

May 1st - Nightclub 2-step Intensive - Beginners Welcome!
2pm to 5pm - $30 pre-pay, $40 at door.  Taught by John Harris

May 8th is Mother's Day, no workshops!

May 15th - Nightclub 2-step Intensive - Pre-Intermediate (No Beginners Please)
2pm to 5pm - $30 pre-pay, $40 at door.  Taught by John Harris

May 22nd -Kizomba Workshops - Beginners Welcome!
2pm to 5pm - $30 early-bird special, $40 pre-pay, $50 at door
Taught by João and Tatiana